1.The Compound/Glaze/Wash/Wax Program applies to all boaters that have never utilized our polish & wax program/s in the past two years unless otherwise noted. (We will not just wax a boat)

2.Certain boats manufactured in the 80’s typically require our compounding program each year as the gel coat on these Yachts are very porous which creates oxidization to occur at a faster rate.

3.Waxes are protectors not shine enhancers and are meant to break down over time that is why you should compound your yacht every other year to remove old wax.

4.You should never just wax a yacht unless you remove the old wax first. NOTE: If all wax is not removed prior to re-waxing typically you will notice a cloudy like appearance.

5.Maintaining/Protecting the gel coat on your yacht will keep the amount of time you spend cleaning your yacht to a minimum. Or if you utilize our cleaning services this will keep these costs to a minimum of a wash and chamois application.

6.Yachts that have been in salt water typically require a heavy compound application and/or wet sanding. Spot tests are generally done on certain areas of the yacht to determine what service is required.

7.Although there are concerns with compounding a yacht each year as this process may or may not remove gel coat, a professional detailer has the objective to cut through and remove the wax, remove any oxidization and bring back that “Like New” finish back to life.

8.If you do not protect you yacht each year you are allowing the elements to breakdown your gel coat at a much very fast rate causing a chalky like appearance. The gel coat will oxidize creating a very porous surface acting as a sponge which will hold dirt deeper into the pores making it more difficult to remove. If you run your hand across the gel coat of your yacht and notice a white chalky powder substance on your fingers this is the gel coat on your yacht that has broken down.

9.If you maintain your yacht utilizing a polish & waxing program each year this will not only protect your yacht it will also maintain the value of your yacht.

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